Lotus Roulette™ Jackpot

The innovative Roulette with its own Jackpot!

In addition to betting with the regular chips, players can also bet on any number with a special JACKPOT chip to play for the MINOR BONUS, the MAJOR JACKPOT and the GRAND JACKPOT.

The side bet is won if the chip has been placed on the traditional winning number and matches with the lucky numbers of the respective wheel sections for the jackpots. The higher the jackpot level, the more matches are required, while the wheel sections of lucky numbers get consistently narrower.

The MINOR BONUS is a fixed amount awarded to every winner, whereas the MAJOR and GRAND JACKPOT are progressive and can be won by more than one player. They consist of a fixed amount and a progressive amount which is split equally among all the winners. Only the highest Jackpot per elected number is awarded.