Lucky Lady's™ Roulette standalone

Lucky Lady’s™ Roulette is an exciting new version of the Roulette game, where the Lucky Lady adds a little touch of extra Charm, here as a standalone version of Roulette.

Players place their bets as normal on the layout with the same odds as a traditional Roulette game on all outside bets and splits, the exception being that straight number bets pay-out at 30 for 1. In each game, after betting is closed and while the Roulette ball is still spinning, the Lucky Lady picks 1-4 random LUCKY LADY BONUS NUMBERS (from 0-36), with bonus multipliers totaling 210x stake for straight numbers, displayed on magic spheres.

If the game result matches a LUCKY LADY BONUS number and the player has bet on that number, they get their 30 for 1 straight bet plus the stake placed on that number multiplied by the LUCKY LADY BONUS MULTIPLIER drawn for that number, so a lucky player could win up to 240 times their stake!