River Queen™ Roulette

The Mississippi provides the setting for this entertaining Roulette game. Make sure you catch the ship and don’t miss out on this glorious Roulette game!

River Queen™ Roulette is an exciting new version of the Roulette game, where the
River Queen adds a little touch of extra Charm.

River Queen™ Roulette is a roulette game in which straight number bets pay out at a ratio of 29 : 1, however, in every game 4 randomly selected River Queen™ bonus numbers pay out with increased odds of up to 210 times the bet for straight numbers only.

When bets are closed, the River Queen™ bonus numbers, along with their corresponding
increased payout odds, are revealed to all the players simultaneously.

River Queen™ bonus prize is received if the straight number the bet is placed on, the number elected on the Roulette cylinder and the River Queen™ bonus number match.