River Queen™ Roulette

The Mississippi provides the setting for this entertaining Roulette game. Make sure you
catch the ship and don’t miss out on this glorious Roulette game!

Lucky Lady’s™ Roulette

Roulette with an extra touch of Lady Luck.
Lucky Lady’s™ Roulette is an exciting new version of the Roulette game, where the Lucky Lady adds a little touch of extra Charm.

Lotus Roulette™ Jackpot

The innovative Roulette with its own Jackpot!
In addition to betting with the regular chips, players can also bet on any number with a special JACKPOT chip to play for the MINOR BONUS, the MAJOR JACKPOT and the GRAND JACKPOT.

Lotus Roulette™ Pro

The Lotus Roulette™ Pro – classic rules of live Roulette coupled with modern and helpful Features.